We know, Life Sucs!

But we’re here for it. We take great pride when creating our designs and selecting garments to print them on.

You won’t find these designs anywhere else and we strive to provide the highest quality garments we can.

When someone inevitably asks you where you get your clothes from, we hope you tell them LIFE SUCS with excitement!

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  • Me and my journey:

    My name is Sara and I started designing shirts for myself because I could never really find what I wanted when I would shop. I started getting compliments on my shirt designs and it gave me some confidence. So, I created this website to try selling them. As time went by I added more and more designs to the site. And before I knew it, I had well over 500 different items!

    . . . . .

    Mind. Blown.

    . . . . .

    It's very time consuming creating the designs and then mocking them up to each item I have available. But I absolutely love doing it! My hope is that eventually I can grow enough business to do this full time someday..

    . . . . .

    If you want to follow me and my design journey, click the link below to go to my Instagram page. I really appreciate the follows. :)